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The easy way for any organisation to build a token-based community. Use Qwids to launch your own community token. Create Missions and Offers to engage your crowd in just the way your solution demands.

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About Us

Qwids is a European company based out of Stockholm Sweden. The Qwids application propels your organisations rewards program and marketing to whole new levels. Don’t have a rewards program? No worries, now anyone can do it at a fraction of the cost. Instantly and securely reward people that advance your organisation and your overall mission.

Qwids is a place where organisations and communities meet each other to work much more like partners, and act together in collaboration, to enhance, enrich and forward an organisations identity and value offer. Participants gain new possibilities and the freedom to earn reward tokens by doing missions they choose themselves. It’s up to you, the organisation to make your missions as attractive as possible.

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The Qwids Wallet exists as both an online browser based Web App Wallet and as a Native Mobile App, available on both Google’s Play Store and Apples App Store. With your wallet you can be notified about new missions from all organisations on Qwids, complete missions, earn tokens and purchase offers, all within the Qwids Wallet interface.

  • Discover new missions
  • Complete missions to earn tokens
  • Collect, store and trade all your tokens
  • Discover new offers
  • Purchase offers using tokens

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The Qwids team is comprised of Software developers, Creatives and Business developers. Rich, Andre & Joakim have been participating in the crypto space collectively for over 15 years. Together Anders, Peter & Jonas have over 80 years experience working with Business Development. We’ve worked together on Qwids over the past 24 months, building out a solid beta product with a not insignificant user base full of crypto folk spanning 117 countries. We want to grow Qwids in to a more diverse and global team, becoming more representative of the world as a whole, interested in joining the project? send your résumé to


Community is at the heart of everything Qwids is, says and does. We are a community of communities, we encourage you to build a long-lasting and fruitful community for all involved. Not sure if you are ready to create a community just yet? Come and join the Qwids Community  and see how we roll, below you can see what some of our community members are saying about us.

“Qwids is an interesting and easy to apply local currency /

campaign solution, which could create a part of aninfrastructure

for a Constellation”

Jonas Bergvall, Founder at Flower Beam

Hello! All the joyful days! Life is Love and in the state of Love we live, making everything around us more and more the harmony of the life of Love!

Vadym Shchokin

Platform Data

Qwids has seen a burst of activity in the beginning of 2018. 

We’ve seen over 13000 users sign up with over 8000 missions being completed, seeing community content reach over 3 million users across social media.

  • Users – 13336
  • Communities – 125
  • Tokens in circulation – 8.9M
  • Countries – 117
  • Missions Published – 23
  • Completed Missions – 8872
  • Total reach – 3.2M
  • Average Session – 3m 22s

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Qwids Token Generation Event (TGE)

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On Now

Qwids is already fuctioning in beta mode, with people all over the world partaking in the beta testing phase, to date over 8700 missions have been completed. It’s super simple to get started, when individuals in your community see a mission they like the sound of, they simply accept & perform the mission. Community tokens will be deposited into the participants qwids wallet directly after they have complete the mission. From here they are free to trade with other users, purchase offers or simply hold on to their tokens. Check out the missions and offers that are live and available right now on Qwids.

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