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The easy way for any organisation to build a token-based community. Use Qwids to launch your own community token. Create Missions and Offers to engage your crowd in just the way your solution demands.

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How it Works

Qwids is a place where organisations and communities meet each other to enhance, enrich and forward an organisations identity and value offer. Participants gain new possibilities and the freedom to earn reward tokens by doing missions they choose themselves.

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Qwids is free to use and is already functioning in beta mode, with people all over the world partaking in the testing phase. To date, over 20 000 missions have been completed. Check out the missions and offers that are live and available right now on Qwids.

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Community is at the heart of everything Qwids is, says and does. We encourage you to build a genuine fruitful community for all involved. Come and join us and see how we roll, below you can see what some community members are saying about us.

“I’m going to pitch this idea to one of my clients and see what she thinks… She’s almost always down to try something new if it might help her brand”

Alisha Ahern, Social Media Strategist – USA

Hello! All the joyful days! Life is Love and in the state of Love we live, making everything around us more and more the harmony of the life of Love!

Vadym Shchokin