After working with Qwids for some time now; working in parallel with our early adopters, a number of issues have begun to show themselves which is great as it allows for us to adapt and improve Qwids in real time.

In the past few weeks we have been publishing missions, monitoring performance, and then tweaking the publication content and where it appears, a very experimental approach to try to find what works best for different missions.

We have found that a member of the public’s first impression of a Qwids mission (as seen on Facebook) does not make it clear what they can get for their qwids. In an effort to help users realise the value of their qwids right away, we have experimented with putting the brands offer information up font along side the mission text, with a hyperlink that takes a user to the brands offer page.

At the moment a brand publishes a mission making it clear what the user must do, the quantity of a brands qwids they receive, but now, and most importantly it seems, what they can get for their branded qwids. To take this one step further, and with the valuable feedback acquired in recent discussions with our early adopters, we have made new efforts to open up a brands Qwids Homepage, so that the public are able to get a good look at all the brands missions, and offers, all on the same page.

This page was previously only accessible by Qwids users already signed up, very soon brands will benefit by sharing their own Qwids Homepage very easily directly from their account. At the moment however, a brand can share their homepage via the domain, we plan to introduce sharing buttons from within the domain this week. This homepage sharing acts as a great way for brands to start to showcase all their offers and missions to people who are unaware of the Qwids services.

Links to a brands homepage can be found to the right side on every offer page and mission page at

Qwids Team