Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 16.02.30BETA UPDATE #5

We have recently discovered that when it comes to brands writing mission descriptions, we have found the following guide lines very helpful for delivering an easy to understand end-user experience to a brands customers.

Mission Clarity

  • Be very clear on which social network the mission is to be completed on, if it is necessary for the user to connect their Twitter / Instagram account, state that up front in the mission description.
  • Depending on the aim of the mission, provide all the necessary information for them, the text (Remember Twitter is limited to 140 characters), your brand Twitter / Instagram handle (@brandname), and all the hashtags you would like them to use (Instagram hashtag limited is 30 per post).
  • Make  all the necessary information you want shared super easy for the user to copy and paste into their Instagram / Twitter text field.
  • Use https://bitly.com/  to shorten your URL’s
  • Use http://www.all-hashtag.com/ to find the best hashtags relevant to your missions.

Here are two brands with great examples of easy-to-understand mission descriptions:


Strängnäs Business Park

It’s been a real adventure in learning for us so far, with many early adopters regularly engaging with us when it comes to expressing what they would like to see from the Qwids platform. With this input from early adopters, along with ourselves actively managing several early adopter accounts, we are gaining great insight in to the Qwids service.

Thank you to all currently participating.

Qwids Team