A sign of things to come (1 min read)

A sign of things to come

On a recent flight from London to Stockholm we discovered a campaign in the flight magazine that had a certain whiff of Qwids about it.

img_0384The campaign instructed those individuals that purchased a set of Mobi Mountain headphones on the flight to go ahead and take a Selfie while wearing the headphones, share it on their social media profile and use the specified hashtag. For completing this action the individual would be etered in to a competition where they could win a non-specified branded prize.

As you can see there are a number of comparison we can draw from this campaign and that of a Qwids mission campaign, primarily the use of simple instructions to get the customer to complete a task and then share the created content on social media (the mission) and the use of a dedicated hashtag.

Where Qwids differs to this campaign is in the reward mechanism, the brand issues their particular brand of qwids to those who complete a mission successfully, the individual is then in control of how they manage and use their qwids, giving both the brand, and the individual completing missions, further potential for future missions and rewards.

Have you seen a similar campaign recently?

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Qwids Team