The Brand side of Qwids (2 min read)

vintage-kids-with-their-cameras-2The brand side of Qwids.

In its most simplest form Qwids can be explained by separating the two sides of an interaction that can take place, the brand side & the user side. In this post we will focus on the brand side:

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After a brand has created a Qwids account, the amount of qwids they need, and named their qwids (qwids can be thought of as reward points), they must then consider what they as a brand are willing to give in return for accepting their qwids, (it could be excess stock items or tickets to a special event).

Seen as they will be accepting their qwids back from users who complete missions, they need to be considerate of the people completing their missions, and what those people will consider of value in return for their hard-earned qwids.

A brand then proceeds by coming up with great ideas for Qwids missions (or campaigns) that the brand thinks people will actually want to complete. Missions are created in such a way that the brand gets what it is looking for in terms of creative content, consumer reach and user engagement, typically aligning its missions with its current marketing objectives.

The brand puts a value denominated in qwids on each given completed mission, and upon a user completing a mission; the brand gifts the user the specified set amount of qwids as a reward for completing the mission. As part of this interaction the brand also promises to accept the users qwids in return for an item the brand deems of value to the user.

Should the user however consider the item of no value then the user is left with the qwids, in this sense it is important for a brand to provide the correct items that users will actually want in return for the users qwids, otherwise the user may, A. Not bother to complete any missions for the brand, or, B. The user will complete missions for the brand only to immediately look to trade them with other Qwids users who do see value in that brands qwids. Brands are also able to monitor these user interactions in order to help them make better interactions with people in the future.

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