Qwids 2017 Wrap up

2017 was a year of learning and change for the Qwids project.

Here’s a brief run through of what happened this year.


In January we interviewed YouTuber Simon Berneblad, to get his take on the influencer economy, we learned about how he works with brands that want to promote on his social channels and how those relationships are formed and prosper.

New Partnerships

In June Qwids expanded to include the team at Stockholm App Labs. We are very happy and enthusiastic to be joining such an experienced and professional group of individuals right here in the heart of Stockholm Sweden.

In partnership with the team at Stockholm App Labs we worked on redesigning both the user and customer on boarding experience, both on the website and in the mobile apps. You can review the latest app versions here:

Qwids for Android – http://bit.ly/2fPggjz – Qwids for iPhone – http://apple.co/2fRvGp9

Flower Beam Project at SOCAP 2017

In October following our project with Flower Beam and Nordic Impact Week at SOCAP in San Francisco where we provided love based missions to assist in the sharing of meaningful interactions, Qwids was happy to announce that apart from having a great opportunity to show the potential of Qwids, we had several new brands show interest in the Qwids service as well as numerous missions completed. For those of you still interest in spreading the love, Flower Beam missions are still available on the Flower Beam Qwids page here.

Additional Funding

Throughout 2017 we worked to improve the service with great attention spent on those initial experiences users have while starting to use the service in a fun and engaging way, thanks to Strangnas Business Park and the Vaxtzon Project we were able to raise additional capital to fund those technical updates and as the end of 2017 approaches we are wrapping up what we think will be one of the most impactful updates to the Qwids service for sometime.

Lets take a quick look at what we’ve added in order to make it easier for both brands and consumers to start using Qwids.

1. In order to communicate more clearly to brands we now have implemented a digital loyalty card as a first step for brands to create an account and share their new Digital loyalty card to their customers. This process of signing up is designed to take the brand through the sign up process with ease and in as fewest steps as possible.

2. Brands can now share their new digital loyalty card anytime directly from their Qwids dashboard, making it simpler and more understandable for consumers to get on board with a new brand.

3. Brands are able to reward their Newley acquired digital loyalty card customers for signing up, each new customer will receive that brands points as a thank you for signing up.

4. On the Qwids brand dashboard there is now a flow of all missions and offers available on Qwids, this is so that those brands new to the Qwids platform can quickly get inspired by others on the network.

5. Template missions and offers. Brands are now able to benefit from templates for both missions and offers, this way a brand can quickly get missions and offers rolled out to their customers via their new digital loyalty card, and start rewarding customers for creating and sharing with brand content within their individual networks.

6. In addition we updated the Qwids App to address bugs and make a more pleasant user experience for those of you using Qwids today.

Qwids for Android – http://bit.ly/2fPggjz – Qwids for iPhone – http://apple.co/2fRvGp9

Onwards in to 2018

We continue to develop and learn how to improve Qwids for both you the brand and your customers, while we are still currently in BETA, it is our aim for 2018 to continue to improve and add additional awesome features to the Qwids service, and gain traction in the market place, do you want to grow together? If you would like a one on one introduction to using Qwids as a brand then do not hesitate to call us anytime and we will gladly come by and help you get acquainted with your new Digital loyalty card and the Qwids service as a whole.

Sign up at qwids.biz

Happy Xmas and NewYear from the team at Qwids!