Got 2 minutes? Help us test the Qwids web wallet!


We are once again approaching a new round of beta testing and right now we need you out there to help by coming in here for just 2 minutes.

This will NOT take you very long at all but would be fantastically immensely delightfully helpful for getting the Qwids service to the next stage!


If you tested with us in the last beta round, before you participate please delete the Qwids mobile app from your phone. The mobile app is currently under development and is not fully functional with the most recent web updates.


Help Qwids by simply opening THIS LINK and follow the instructions until you see a balance of 15 LiQ in your Qwids wallet.

You will get 5 LiQ for signing up and 10 LiQ for confirming your email.

Please contact us at with any questions and comments you may have.

Thanks a million!

Qwids Team