Consumption vs Collaboration in Brand Loyalty

Business As Usual – I Consume Therefore I am

When it comes to participation in loyalty and rewards schemes, many of us don’t think twice about how we earn loyalty points and how those points translate in to value for us. We as consumers are super clear on the benefits of carrying loyalty cards with us, next time we shop simply scan the card when we purchase something, and cha-ching we get our points, Simple!

Consume a product or service, each time collect some points, once I have enough points simply spend the points with the company which issued them, or perhaps even get some added benefits with other companies in the same loyalty program as the issuing company. It goes without saying, right!

We all are so used to earning rewards this way that it may not have occurred to us that we might be able to earn rewards in another way, a way that may treat us not only as consumers, but more like partners, partners with a capacity to create, share and even help market those businesses with which we have a shared vision and who’s activities we want to support more than just by consuming their product.

Invite People In – I Collaborate Therefore I Do

At Qwids we’ve identified a more collaborative approach to the distribution of loyalty points and rewards by businesses, an approach that invites people in, and treats them not simply as mere consumers to be captured and whose consumption data to be mined so as to ensure they keep coming back, but to invite them in to the shared vision of the business itself.

It is this collaboration between real people with real ideas and emotions, and those businesses with a bigger shared vision and a clear mission where Qwids can help provide the tooling and the public interactions where the combined effort of those people wishing to support, not only to consume the businesses product or service.

What if ?

If, as a business owner you could reward user-generated content creation and sharing on social media wouldn’t you want to support such behaviour? Think of the time saved by having promotional materials created and distributed by the crowd out there in the world where the crowd actually live, and at the same time being able to reward such activities with your very own branded loyalty points.

As a business you would be able to start spending much more time on the things that matter to your business, all the while having real world genuine promotional content created and shared by people that share the vision of your business, with all the added benefits of a loyalty rewards scheme attached.

If you’re ready to start rewarding people that share your companies vision go to now and sign up for a free business account, the service will remain free for a limited time while we are in beta mode.

Team Qwids