Showing your not just in it for a Quick Sale

DIGITAL LOYALTY AND REWARDS / When merchants use Qwids to engage consumers by publishing and rewarding missions, they are doing more than the usual loyalty apps that typically reward for consumption. Merchants are opening up a long term relationship with consumers by first asking for engagement on a mission, and then immediately following up with a thank you, by depositing reward points with the consumer – this creates a lasting bond between merchant and consumer and shows the consumer that the merchant is not just in it for a quick sale. The way Qwids uses the known behaviour associated with loyalty cards builds an instant understanding for the consumers.

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INFLUENCER MANAGEMENT / Influencer marketing is a growing field as seen in the success of many platforms such as Splay and others. Qwids can be easily used to identify those consumers in a merchant’s network that not only create the most valued content for the merchant, but also have the largest audiences with relevance to that particular merchant.

EVENTS / Qwids missions in combination with a hash-tagged event makes for the perfect combination of both playful real world engagement and provides a great opportunity to plant seeds with potential future customers in a more long term way.

COLLECTING USER GENERATED CONTENT / Consumers across the world are creating content every hour of every day on social media, missed opportunities by merchants to reward these activities will become a thing of the past when these user generated contents are brought onto the Qwids platform via merchants publishing missions. Qwids provides merchants a simple way to reward those consumers creating great content while at the same time collecting new and unique content directly from the network.

SECRET SHOPPER / Setting up a secret shopper campaign can take time and cost a lot, typically these types of activities have been limited to larger companies, but with Qwids it is very simple for any size company to launch a mission dedicated to doing competitor research. With Qwids private missions it is simple for a merchant to keep these types of mission secret or internal to the company.

LOCATION BASED MARKETING / Thanks to developments in both hardware and software it has never been easier to embed real world geo location tagging within social network activities, when merchants are able to validate certain activities are taking place at specific locations relevant to the merchants published mission, completely new opportunities open up for both marketing and content creating.

DIGITAL CURRENCY OWNERSHIP / The idea that merchants should be able to manage and issue their own digital currency is at the heart of the Qwids concept, both consumers and merchants can benefit from a direct currency relationship which is not closed off to other forms of payments and can be instantly exchanged with other users for other goods. Branded digital currencies for each separate merchant will bring new values and possibilities that many have not yet considered. Programmable currency that can be designed to do what the merchant wants and execute its code autonomously will elevate the rewards and loyalty industry to new heights.

TRADING EXCHANGE PLATFORM / Once Qwids reaches sufficient scale an exchange service will come into effect, where consumers with multiple reward points balances in their Qwids Wallet will be invited to float their reward points on the Qwids Exchange, allowing consumers to benefit by getting the reward points they need when they need them, and merchants to tap into new customer pools. We see the Qwids Exchange as the key to opening up the rewards points market and introducing a much more fluid and open industry.

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EXAMPLES OF QWIDS MISSIONS / There are numerous possibilities when it comes to creating Qwids missions; photo missions, video missions, article’s and re-tweets, merchants will ask themselves who’s the target demographic? What activity would the business like to see more of from their customers, and what would interest the consumers to engage. From these questions they can construct and add Qwids missions to their overall marketing strategy.

BRAND CULTURE & SOCIAL SHARING / By asking customers to share their own interests, merchants can learn about their customers while both reaching new ones and instantly rewarding them.

Qwids solves one of the biggest hurdles for brands; regular unique updated content. Qwids in its most basic form creates what is known as User Generated Content (UGC) and makes your social media flows updated and viral, all this with a fraction of the cost of current social media management methods.

While you reward your customers with your digital loyalty points in their wallet you also return the favor of sharing by building the most active sharers who can grow to become Influencers. Rewarding customers for sharing vital information to their network helps merchants grow their brand while rewarding valued sharing activities in new networks.

Team Qwids