Many merchants understand the value of ambassador-like interactions and relationships with consumers on social media, why they are always looking for new ways to increase engagement, especially on social media. Qwids provides a unique method for creating and increasing that engagement not only in scale but also in meaningfulness. When a merchant engages with a consumer via the Qwids platform the opportunity presented in the engagement will be just as valuable to the consumer as it is to the merchant.

THE MERCHANT’S ROLE / With just a few clicks the merchant can have their Qwids activities live on social media. The Qwids Platform offers template activities that make it easier for the merchant to become active as quickly as possible. The platform also offers staff information, which automatically extracts data to get the whole company involved from the very start as well as an easy way to on-board consumers.

WHAT’S A MISSION? / A mission or “Qwids Mission” is how the merchant engages consumers on social media. A mission carries information that allows a consumer to know what the merchant is inviting them to do, and what the merchant is willing to give the consumer in return. By carrying out missions the consumer gains reward points.

WHAT CAN CONSUMERS DO WITH THEIR REWARD POINTS? / Consumers can collect, store and trade their reward points in their Qwids wallet. From their wallet they can earn and spend reward points with any merchant on the Qwids platform. They can also trade their reward points with other consumers on Qwids.

THE CONSUMER’S ROLE / The consumer can use the Qwids Web Wallet or download the Mobile Qwids Wallet App from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Once the consumer signs in they are able to browse the various merchants offers and missions and begin earning and spending their reward points. When a consumer recognises a merchant of interest to them, they can check out the offers and missions from the merchant and decide if they wish to partake in a mission for that merchant

Team Qwids