A letter to ten thousand humans

Hello people!

Wow! Its so good to be with you! I am Rich Tella, one of the founders of Qwids.

First of all let me thank you all for joining Qwids, and know now that Qwids is all you! Without you Qwids simply ceases to exist, a famous band called the Stylistics once sang: “People make the world go round” and that lyric applies directly to the Qwids community also, we’re all people, making, thinking, loving and together we can do great things!

In recent weeks over ten thousand of you lovely people of the world signed in to Qwids and began to learn what it is we’re all about, from Hanoi to Boston, Delhi to Edinburgh. No doubt there are still a number of unanswered questions you will have and we are always going to be here to answer them, but first, as this is our first encounter together, I want to share with you a highly condensed history of the back story of Qwids and how it is we got to where we are today, if this is not of interest to you please skip to the paragraph below entitled : “Why am I here?”

Our Story


This story begins in Sweden, 2014, cryptocurrency was a relatively unknown word, blockchain even less so. It was from this time and space of new creative ideas, alt-coin scams, hacked exchanges and the promise of dreams unknown, in which the inspiration for Qwids found the seed of an idea. Back then the vision was big and the obstacles unknown, but with time and persistence an embryo formed.

A small team based in Sweden, USA and Germany began to explore, build and develop the necessary components for what would eventually become known as BitJoin. A place for any business owner, individual or creative person to create, distribute and manage their own cryptocurrency with a purpose.

The vision set out was to build a platform that rather than forcing participants to use a single platform currency solely, instead, invited people to create their own currency and start offering it to others on the platform in return for activities that went beyond just consumption, but had the capacity to serve a bigger vision held by the individual that had created the currency.

In this way other persons could bring new energy to a cause or business idea and engage a crowd using their own cryptocurrency; should the crowd agree and support the vision that is. If the crowd did not support the vision they would simply not participate with their time and support, and not earn that particular currency.


The first implementation of the technology was based on the Open Assets Protocol, also know as the ColouredCoins Protocol, as time passed it became more and more clear that this technology would not scale appropriatly. The block size debate ran for a long time and we watched closely, as the cost of transactions became larger and larger the time eventually came when it no longer made sense to continue with the ColouredCoins Protocol, and so we disconnected from the Bitcoin Blockchain in early 2016, instead running the (no longer) cryptocurrency management, in a more traditional centralised loyalty points type fashion.

This of course upset all of us in the team, as we had always wanted to build something in the crypto space and now we were left out side the Bitcoin Blockchain, the dreaded “Off Chain”. However, in back and forth discussions we did come to the agreement that, although all the exciting potential that blockchain technology might afford us we were no where near being able to utilise it in any meaningful way. This is not to mention that bringing up these technologies back then, with Swedish investors and potential customers typically left them responding with a blank stare, as they were not really familiar with Bitcoin, and those that were, thought it either a scam or something so abstract it might never catch on. One such group of investors recommended we drop the name BitJoin as it held ugly connotations and floated feelings widely associated with criminal activity. So we did.


After much back and forth, we landed on the name Qwids, for two reasons – one, it was a word already available in many peoples mouths, across the world, and two – because we believed that the essence of the platform was to facilitate reciprocal ‘Quid Pro Quo’ behaviour amongst its users and participants. This type of relationship – we value, and we felt that to be part of our underlying value structure moving forward.

With this in mind, its easy to see how these types of reciprocal relationships might flourish on the Qwids platform, if only first Qwids had the participants to start creating and publishing meaningful missions and equally meaningful offers, all in order to make best use of their unique crypto currencies and facilitate a stronger sense of community amongst users.

With a part solution in hand, we began to run around Stockholm pitching businesses, agencies and investors, we were sure we had something awesome and after numerous positive interactions and super encouraging feedback from those potentially interested in working with us, we began to iterate the platform and bring in new ideas and features, this, as was later discovered served somewhat of both a waste of time and a fruitless endeavour.

In trying to please all the people all the time we were unable to please anyone, any of the time, 2016 proved to be a very sad year for the team. We had a solution, an investor-proof name, and we had what appeared to be a market to serve, so what happened?


Looking back It is possible that we deviated from both the vision, and after decoupling from the bitcoin blockchain we also lost sight of the mission. The solution we were offering began to look and feel like something we, the core team, didn’t fully recognise as ours.

We became just another loyalty platform trying to increase the consumption of stuff. This was not the vision any of us signed up to, and certainly didn’t seem to serve the purposeful relationships intended to be harnessed and grown using the platform.

We continued down this path though-out 2017 convincing ourselves that if we can just be understood by the market by using words the market is familiar with, everything will work out. We started talking more and more about loyalty points instead of cryptocurrency, we spoke the existing worlds language and in doing so became just another service doing brand loyalty in a world where there Is none.

Most importantly the team didn’t recognise what it was that we were offering, and so we began to return more and more to our regular jobs, the required activities gridded down to a slow pace, and the entire idea of Qwids began to fade in to obscurity. Along with financial pressures the company went in to liquidation in the end of 2017…


Thats the story of what could have happened, until a new energy entered the story. This new person understood how to really understand people and help them get to know where they are going, this person took the founders back to their roots and helped them discover their purpose and what motivates them.

This new energy coupled with the moving of the times that has recently seen cryptocurrency begin to go fairly mainstream, afforded Qwids a new breath of fresh air. That breath of fresh air is each and everyone of you ten thousand people out there in the world that have decided to participate in what is sure to be one of the most interesting times of our lives.

Why am I here?

By now your probably wondering “what is Qwids actually?”

Well, wonder no longer, Qwids is quite simply a way for good people to collaborate together, and by sharing their true colours, imagine and create the kind of world they wish to both live in and support.

Sounds crazy-awesome right?

Well believe it or not, we all now have the opportunity to participate and build what it is we want to see more of in this world – peace, love and harmony, and no, we’re not talking about some dystopian future where people are all the same and there is zero conflict, thats not how we see the future.

We see a future where differences are understood and appreciated, conversation is intellectually stimulating and testing of all our beliefs, where mutual respect is paramount and power is ultimately dispersed amongst all individual participants.

Still sounding wacky? Good!

If your ideals, beliefs and future outlook aligns with Qwids then start publishing missions today, a mission can be anything from big-vision societal benefits like the ongoing #onebillionhappy campaign, to a “support your local homelessness charity organisation hashtag campaign”

With all of our missions together we can change the world for the better by activating one and other in to action, all while doing good. Let’s face it, if we don’t do good ourselves, it could be many more years until current leaders begin to even take notice, by which time that leader will likely be replaced. We all have the capacity to lead, we just have to want to!

Start leading the change you want to see in the world today by publishing your first mission at qwids.biz

Peace and respect to you all!

Qwids Team