The Joinery Airdrop has now concluded!

With over 6000 people participating in The Joinery Airdrop all receiving 1000 Social Bonds (SB) we would like to thank all that participated and look forward to sharing the story in more detail as we go forward together. As The Joinery is participating in the Qwids beta testing phase we would like to share some numbers from the past few weeks user activity on the Qwids platform.

The Joinery Activity:

  • Missions Published – 7
  • Completed Missions – 4319
  • Total reach – 1.309,933
  • Airdrop Participants – 6372

As you can see the weeks leading up to the AirDrop were full of engaging activity for both The Joinery and the crowd, many enjoyed the Missions made available and the opportunity to participate in the promotion of The Joinery as well as the chance to earn more Social Bonds. This was reflected in the many kind words and messages from you the crowd out there in the world, supporting the projects you want to see in the world, not just with your words but also with your actions!

For more info and to make sure you don’t miss any up and coming offers from The Joinery, be sure to check your wallet regularly at


Qwids Team