State of Qwids May – June 2018

Well its been one hell of a ride this past month, here’s a run down of whats been happening with Qwids

Preparing for the Qwids TGE

Since launching the successful beta testing phase in April which saw 10 000 new users join Qwids in the space of 6 days, there has been a clear signal from the community that a token for powering Qwids would be well received. It is why we spent the past month testing and preparing all the necessary elements for bringing a Q token to the community. For more information on the thinking around the Q token and how we intend to grow Qwids using a token model please read the Qwids Colour Paper at

Designing the Tokenomics model

We chose to write the Qwids ColourPaper ourselves as we feel we are best placed to clearly set out our thinking in regards to the vision and how we aim to execute upon that vision. Designing the Tokenomics model that is best placed to serve the community and its builders as opposed to the speculators and the typical market trappings a token can provide, we discovered that a token model that is not geared towards getting everyone rich but instead aimed at bringing the best possible resources together for community development was key to Qwids showing our true colours.


We have also been focused on forming new partnerships for moving the Qwids ecosystem thinking forward, with partners both inside and out of the crypto world we aim to create further possibilities to provide all the necessary tooling a community needs to be successful in what they wish to achieve. You can learn more about our partners at


Connecting with the best advisors takes time and to date we have connected with six of the most diverse advisors from Stockholm Sweden to Los Angles in the United States. We’re looking forward to working closely and regularly with our advisors to best provide the community with the best most innovative tools that they need, when they need them. You can learn more about our advisors at

15 000 members!

The past 6 weeks has seen Qwids growing to 15 000 members, with between 30 and 50 new members joining each day. Along with this amazing swell in users, comments on social media have been very encouraging with so many of you telling us how much you like the service. This positive energy is what we need to build out all the new features that we aim to add to the Qwids ecosystem.

Beta Testing

Although Qwids is still in a beta testing phase of development and we are very much looking forward to recruiting a great UX designer to help make Qwids even easier to navigate, we have been pleasantly surprised at just how many of you were able to complete missions and buy the offers you wanted, we did experience some minor issues with Facebook changing third party app access but are working very hard to address this issue as we publish this post.


Q3C Collaboration AB General Data Protection Regulation. Q3C Collaboration AB protects your individual rights and personal data. Our latest data protection policy describes how we collect, use, store and share personal information. This policy applies from May 25, 2018, when the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) come into force. Please take the time to review these recent changes to our Terms & Conditions.

You can read the updated terms here:

Super special thanks to all of you out there helping to grow and develop Qwids in to the most powerful community building engine the world has ever seen.


Team Qwids