UPDATE – Action required. New Facebook Mission Rules

Hello people of the world!

Facebook recently changed its rules around how third party apps like Qwids can access Facebooks user data. This recent change by Facebook requires that you take action and update your Qwids account by adding your personal Facebook URL to your Qwids wallet next time you wish to complete a Facebook mission.

The Latest Facebook missions can be found here: https://www.qwids.co/missions

Without adding your Facebook URL to your Qwids wallet you will not be able to complete Facebook Missions on Qwids in the future. You can learn more about the recent Facebook changes here: Facebook Login Changes to Address Abuse

As before Qwids will never post to Facebook on your behalf and has no access to your private Facebook data in any way or form. The Qwids to Facebook connection is only used to validate that you completed a mission successfully. No other Facebook data is stored or captured in the mission validation process.


Team Qwids