Latest FAQs

Here are some answers to your most pressing questions:

What is Qwids:

Qwids is an action oriented community building platform, we provide all the necessary tools you need to grow an active community, whether in the crypto world or the regular world.

Who should use Qwids?

Qwids can be used by those organisations, companies or individuals that wish to build, develop and maintain an active community.

What does it cost to use Qwids?

Qwids is free to use with its current features as it stands today, with the future eco system price structure being developed around the platform currency – Q token.

What is the Q token?

The Q token will serve as an ERC20 utility token, creating an initially centralised, community-driven tokenised economy inside the Qwids app and network. The Q Token will over time enable and incentivise the whole Qwids ecosystem of community builders, organisers, members and service providers to operate and co-create unique community-based tokenised ecosystems. It is the fuel, the energy, of the entire Qwids offering and its mere existence which enables all the new and enriched possibilities for communities to take further action towards improved, and collaborative content. The Q token is the key catalyst in our offering to community organisers and service providers and will allow for further access to new and superior tools and products which will help them grow and develop into the types of communities they wish to be.

How many Q tokens are there?

There are 100 000 000 (mintable) Q tokens.

What is the Qwids Treasury?

The Qwids Treasury is structured so as to provide against an unwanted and uncontrollable burst in speculation around the Q token itself. Many tokens available today fall subject to the whims of the market speculators. While this speculative model may serve well to other projects and business models in the space, for the Q tokens to best serve the communities as a fuel source we believe the token must be made stable in price. In order to provide the platform communities and services providers the future ecosystem we have made the decision to not cap minting of Q. This will provide for affordable liquidity and positively impact and further facilitate future development and purposeful growth on the platform.

What can the Q token be used for?

The Q Tokenomics model is a simple to understand method for insuring that both current and future applications and services will be accessible to all communities residing on the platform.

Where can i buy Q tokens?

Q tokens are purchased by sending Ether (ETH) to the Qwids smart contract, once the contract receives ETH and is concluded, Q tokens are distributed back to the same ERC20 compatible wallet address the ETH was received from.

For more information please read the Qwids ColourPaper here.