Community offer. Claim Your Q tokens (QWIDS) today at 100% bonus!


Thats right, you are now invited to get your very first Q tokens at 100% bonus, this offer is only available for a limited time and you must have started a free Qwids community account at to proceed.

Power user bonus! Did you know, once you have added your Ether address to your community and sent your Ether to Qwids you will also earn 1 Q token for every member you bring into your Qwids community before the end of the public crowd sale. So if you bring in 10 000 members to your community, we will send you 10 000 Q tokens after the public crowd sale ends.

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Please note: The minimum amount of your Ether contribution must be 0.2 (ETH), currently equal to 1000 Q tokens. So if you contribute 0.2 ETH today you will receive 2000 Q tokens

Team Qwids