Project update. The State of Qwids July 2018

The State of Qwids July 2018

Project update

Hello lovely humans of the world, the past month has seen a record breaking heat wave here in Sweden, but that has not stopped us working hard to bring you new tools and services to help develop your communities values and true colours. Here’s an update on what we’ve been working on lately.

Platform development

For those of you familiar with the Qwids platform first of all we would like to say thank you so very much for helping beta test the service, we have learned a lot and to those of you that have engaged with us; your contribution and input will not go unnoticed. We strive hard to address all the issues and challenges that have been highlighted and together we believe we can grow Qwids in to a very special place for communities to flourish together.

We are now entering a new development phase where we will be updating Qwids user interface for both users and community builders. This will include further development of the community building website at and the user end wallet and account at We will also be addressing the bugs and issues within the Qwids mobile apps available on both android and iOS, we estimate this development phase will be completed by the first half of August 2018, and will see major improvements in the Qwids branding and UX design; making it easier for community builders and users to work together to achieve their community goals.

Ecosystem partners

Having worked closely with our partners in recent months we have begun publishing Ecosystem partner videos on our youtube channel and on social media, we believe these partner relationships can provide for a clear way forward for when it comes to how the Qwids platform and associated Q Token can be best utilised going forward in to the future. Check out our latest Ecosystem partner videos here.

New communities

We would like to welcome all the new communities that have been started on Qwids and strongly encourage those of you that have already started communities and begun publishing missions and offers to continue to grow your community account. We are always here to support you and you can reach out anytime at

New communities on Qwids include both those in and outside the crypto world and we are very proud to be working hard to knock down the barriers to entry for those wishing to learn, grow and develop their understanding of tokenomics and the future of crypto based communities. You can learn more about the communities present on Qwids and even try out their missions and offers here.

New ideas & concepts for using Qwids

At its heart Qwids has always been a place for people to come together and create content, meaningful actions and fulfil their desired goals; when it comes to collaboration we know Qwids delivers. Going forward we will continue to work closely with you the communities and users that make it possible, it is why we are now working to bring you better and more concise educational materials on how you can get the most out of Qwids for your own community. In the coming weeks we will be delivering a new communications method and framework for constructing the most rewarding missions and offers for your community members. In addition, and in collaboration with The Crypto Education Hub we have begun to design a simple and informative course structure for those community builders that wish to grow their understanding of how to best utilise Qwids moving forward. Stay up to date by joining the conversation at

TGE and Q Token

As you will already know if you follow us on social media or are part of the community at we are currently colour listing people that wish to participate in the Qwids TGE, so far over 225 persons around the world have pledged over 380 Ether (ETH) and along with our most recent community and investor offer we are working tirelessly to put in place the smart contracts and investor dashboard in order to open up the TGE for contributions. We maintain our decision to use our legal entity here in Sweden – ‘Q3C Collaboration AB’ to run the TGE as we view Sweden as one of the most crypto friendly places in the world, and the benefits highlighted by other so-called Crypto-Jurisdictions do not currently make sense to our operational outlook for showing our true colours.

100 million Q Tokens have been generated at this address and you can monitor all behaviour around the distribution and TGE at the contract address here. So far we have distributed Q Tokens only to several of our advisors that have provided their Ether addresses, and to those of you that took part in the (now concluded) ‘100 Q Token offer’ Until the smart contract and investor dashboard has been developed and deployed we are only able to work with private pre-sale investors and community builders. If you are interested in purchasing Q Tokens privately now please contact us at any time.

Thank you to all of you that believe in what Qwids is doing and your continued support for the project.

Rich Tella

Chief Wizard at Qwids