Qwids Appeal to the Community

We’re on the road to becoming Swedens very first ICO. Will you join us?

While we continue to develop the Qwids platform to bring you the most powerful community building tools the world has yet to know, we have begun to bring together all the necessary components for the distribution of the Q token pre-sale with a very special bonus of 100%.

These missing components however; the smart contracts, dashboard and proper KYC procedure while quite complex and somewhat costly to implement are the final things we need to address in order to take the Q token pre sale live to the world. To date we have colour listed 236 persons with an estimated pledge of 400 ETH collectively.


Before we can go live with the Q token pre-sale we are appealing to you the community to help us cover these early development costs through a donation of as little as 0.10 ETH.

We need to raise between 10 and 20 ETH before the end of the month. This ETH will go towards covering the development costs of the smart contracts, dashboard and proper KYC procedure ONLY, and will put us on the road to becoming Swedens very first ICO.


Qwids is currently self funded by its founders and in the past has also been partly funded by Almi Företagspartner AB, owned by the Swedish state. We are seeking equity investors in our Swedish entity as well as private investors for bulk orders of Q tokens.

In the interest of transparency and If you believe in what Qwids is doing and you want to help Qwids continue, please email me at rich@qwids.co and I will be happy to take a personal call with you.

No time for email? You can also contribute directly at our donation addresses:

BTC: 3JQGm2ygmKZTdM7qPcc8wfGDVF9h3Qovrc

ETH: 0x81ba1cdc6cace6337234bd07ef4a18daae0c77d5

LTC: Lac6QopLuiNt21g7WcWgUc14F5A5cB9Dnw

Rich Tella / Qwids Founder
Qwids – Show your Community’s True Colours