Why should I use Qwids?

Hey Community managers and builders!

By now you will be somewhat familiar with Qwids and the goal of helping communities show their true colours through action. If you are still a little unclear on how you could be using Qwids to activate your community in to action here is a reminder of what you can do when you use Qwids with your community.

For those of you with a personal brand:

  • Turn your personal community into a marketing resource
  • Reward your followers when they share your content
  • Ask your followers to create in collaboration with you
  • Increase your message reach and grow organically

For companies and brands:

  • Reduce time spent on marketing
  • Show appreciation automatically and instantly
  • Increase your message reach and grow organically
  • Create targeted offers connected to your business

For NGO’s and Social impact organisations:

  • Ignite and drive new organic reach
  • Develop your community into a real marketing resource
  • Acquire adspace straight from your own customers
  • Activate reciprocation in your customers

In addition to all these great ways you can use Qwids today completely free, we are developing an ecosystem of tools and services for those of you wishing to develop your communities further towards a decentralised organisation run on the blockchain. Learn more on our FAQs page: https://qwids.info/qwids-tge-faq/faq/

For one on one help with further developing your community using Qwids please contact me at rich@qwids.co

More than happy to help!

Rich Tella

Chief Wizard at Qwids