Community is at the heart of everything Qwids is, says and does. We are a community of communities, we encourage you to build a long-lasting and fruitful community for all involved. Not sure if you are ready to create a community just yet? Come and join the Qwids Community  and see how we roll, below you can see what some of our community members are saying about us.

The majority of people around the world are hiding a lot in their hearts, and they are suffering in silence, they want to change things, but they don’t know how, they don’t even have means and power to do it, but such an initiative like Qwids would let them gather and show their voices, it will give them the opportunity to make a better world for them, such a noble project…..

Mohand Ifticene

Hello! All the joyful days! Life is Love and in the state of Love we live, making everything around us more and more the harmony of the life of Love!

Vadym Shchokin

“… finally a tool for rewarding customers for sharing in social

media. A dream for retailers.”

Peter Åsbrink, Founder Nitty Gritty

“Qwids is an interesting and easy to apply local currency /

campaign solution, which could create a part of aninfrastructure

for a Constellation”

Jonas Bergvall, Founder at Flower Beam

“I’m going to pitch this idea to one of my clients and see what she thinks… She’s almost always down to try something new if it might help her brand”

Alisha Ahern, Social Media Strategist – USA

Wonderful! Its really so interesting technology is one of the few recently!

Alex Str / @Alex_Str2018

“I like this project. they have a great idea. I advise everyone to join us and become a part of this project”

James Pakpahan – Indonesia

“All will turn out! I believe in this project!”

Alexander Suchanov – Ukraine

“This is a lot of fun. I love being rewarded! #qwidsisrocking

Tony Prettenhofer

“I will definitely keep this project. I think it will be a very gratifying program. I wish the continuation of your successes.”

Oğuz Canaylı