Become a Qwids stakeholder in the world’s first (as far as we know) decentralised token sale and receive dividends directly from the token sale itself.

Token Sale special offer for investors and communities

Qwids are setting aside 25% (25M) of all available tokens (100M) to Qwids stakeholders.

This is a very special opportunity for you to become a part of Qwids’ decentralising platform. If you acquire at least 10.000 Q during the Qwids token sale, you’ll become a stakeholder in the platform and you will receive a percentage of every Q sold in the world.

The 25M tokens are divided into 2.500 posts, or ”chunks”. Each chunk thus contains 10.000 Q. There is no limit to how many chunks you may acquire but during the token sale there will be no more chunks created. These 2.500 chunks represent 25% of the whole token sale, which means that 25% of the token sale value will go directly back to the stakeholders! (0.01% per chunk). In order to make it transparent for you, we are even putting your Ether wallet address directly into the smart contract which you will be able to validate yourself.

Not only that, you keep your chunk in the smart contract for one year where you will continue to receive a dividend of the Ether flow in the Q utility token smart contract. In the meantime you are free to spend your Q on the Qwids platform, or resell your Q to any community of your liking. After the first year we will review the results and the ambition is to over time increase the decentralised part of Qwids up to a point where maintenance and R&D is sustainable.

We believe that this is a good way for us to show our true colours. We need resources to maintain and innovate on the platform, but the rest goes back to the Qwids community and stakeholders in a fair and transparent way.

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Team Qwids